September 17, 2021

Regression Games is Sponsoring Battlecode 2023!

Regression Games is Sponsoring Battlecode 2023!

I am extremely excited to announce that Regression Games is a Gold sponsor for Battlecode 2023!

Competitive AI gaming runs in our blood, and Battlecode holds a special place in our hearts as a premier tournament for players to explore this space of AI and gaming. As a previous developer of Battlecode, I am personally excited to see what players come up with this year!

What is Battlecode?

Battlecode is an annual competition put on by MIT students where competitors program bots in a video game. Anyone can participate, whether it be students from different colleges, graduates, and high schoolers.

Players will program bots and compete in tournaments and scrimmages against other teams. Two teams of virtual robots roam the screen, managing resources and executing different offensive strategies against each other. Plan, code, and compete throughout the month of January for a chance at more than $20,000 in prizes!

A screenshot from the Battlecode 2022 tournament

What is the Best Devlog Series Prize?

We are really excited to sponsor a prize at this year’s competition. The Best Devlog Series prize will go to the team that creates the best devlog series as they progress through Battlecode. We love the process of creating awesome strategies and bots, and want to see what you are up to during the season!

Share your Battlecode development experience on your favorite social media platform over the course of the tournament. Post your learnings, fun moments, hardships, and progress! You must tag Battlecode and Regression Games in the post to be eligible for this prize (social links can be found here).

Winners of the prize will receive an invitation to interview for an internship at Regression Games, as well as a cash prize (TBD).

What makes for good content in your devlog series? Here are some ideas to get started!

  • Videos of your bots conducting cool strategies
  • Your favorite snippets of code that you and your team have written
  • Tell us about yourself! Is this your first tech competition?
  • Observations from scrimmages
  • Memes

You can find more information about this prize at

What is Regression Games?

At Regression Games, we are building the platform and ecosystem to make competitive gaming and esports with artificial intelligence accessible and enjoyable for everyone. This means that players will write code and AIs that control characters, debug strategies in real time, compete for prizes in tournaments and top spots on the leaderboards, and collaborate with friends to build the best bots possible. Rather than playing with a controller or mouse and keyboard, players program algorithms and machine learning models to battle others. The AI platform will be made to integrate with both existing games and games that Regression Games will develop.

The company is founded by a previous Battlecode Dev, and we understand the excitement of competing with AIs in games. We are passionate about competitive gaming with technology, and believe that a month out of the year is not enough time! Join us in the Battlecode off-season at to participate in our first season and tournament. Enhance your coding and AI skills, prepare for the next year of Battlecode, and earn ultimate glory!

Want to participate in Regression Games? You can sign up for our first season at, and play in our first challenges — programming Minecraft bots in competitive game modes!

What’s next?

That’s it for this post, but you will see Regression Games and the team throughout the tournament. As the season comes closer (starting January 9th), we will share more information about the Devlog Series prize, and will also be there to help you in your efforts to build the best bots possible.

Make sure to sign up for Battlecode at

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