Automate smoke tests in Unity

The first smoke test automation platform that focuses on ease of integration and depth of testing.


Test automation that works for you

The all-in-one test automation framework you've been waiting for

Choose your Automation

Whether it be our smart replay and playback system or LLM-driven behavior trees, our platform offers a variety of automation approaches, ensuring you have the right tool for the job.

Lightning-Fast Integration

Ease of integration is one of our top priorities, and it shows. As soon as you add the SDK, data and deep state info is collected, without custom code needed.

Made for QA Teams

Our tools work in-editor, within builds, and in CI/CD pipelines. Whether you are a gameplay programmer or a QA tester, you'll have access to the tools needed to run and build tests.

Easy Configuration

Our framework is built to work with a variety of game architectures and approaches, but offers configuration where custom work may be needed.

AI Agent Marketplace

Share and use bots created by the community using our standardized bot formats - Currently in limited preview, send us a request for access!

Flexible No-Code Tests

Regression Games interfaces are built for a variety of teams, even those who may not have code access or skills. Our intuitive functional testing builder allows anyone to make tests.

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Understand your game with ease

With no coding and no extra steps, Regression Games automatically starts collecting deep state information about your game, including GameObject properties and fields. Test against relevant data by just adding our SDK.

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Build Tests within our Online editor

Write your first test in minutes

Once a recording is made, the extracted state, screenshots, and input information can be used to build flexible tests in our no-code web editor. Easily design a suite of functional tests to ensure you’re releasing the best game possible.

Support for multiple languages

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