May 6, 2024

Introducing Quickscope - Automate smoke tests in Unity

Introducing Quickscope - Automate smoke tests in Unity

Regression Games is excited to release the next iteration of our game QA automation platform, Quickscope. Our new product allows developers to quickly automate smoke tests within Unity, with no code required. It features two new tools:

  1. Our Gameplay Session recording tool, which can play through a game scenario based on a pre-recorded play session.
  2. Our Validations tool, which features an easy-to-use UI for defining specific functional tests and scenarios that you expect

Let’s dive deeper into how Quickscope works.

Deep property scraping of the game object hierarchy

With no custom-code integration needed, our recording tool does a deep scrape of your game objects, extracting not only high level information such as position and rotation, but also the public properties and fields of MonoBehaviours on those objects. That means you get rich details of the entities in your game without writing unwieldy custom code integrations, such as player health.

Smart recording playback

Our recording playback tool does not simply record your input and then play them back at the same intervals and speed. With the advantage of our deep scraping approach, we are able to wait for certain “key moments” before input requests are played back. For example, if your game has latencies such as loading screens or network loads, the recording playback will properly wait for entities to appear before moving on with the recording.

See our documentation for more on getting started with recording gameplay.

Accessible by QA engineers and developers alike

Quickscope is built specifically to support QA teams which may not have access to the editor, and may only have access to a build outside of the editor. In either case, our in-game overlay allows anyone to easily define test scenarios. Whether you are working within the editor, a build on-device, or within a CI/CD pipeline, gameplay sessions are automatically uploaded to your Regression Games account for testing.

No-code UI for defining test scenarios

Validations for game functionality can be defined using our test builder. Using the schema of the state extracted from your game, our UI presents an easy-to-learn validation builder capable of scrubbing through ticks of data within a run for certain conditions to be met. These validations can rely on state, input, and other information captured by our systems.

See our documentation for more on how this system works.

Try it out within minutes today! Join our Discord if you run into issues - we are happy to jump into a voice channel to help, or chat about the tool in one of our channels.

We are always looking to improve our products through feedback from developers like yourself. If you have comments, suggestions, or bug reports for the Regression Games team, please use this form to reach out. We look at every suggestion!

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