Compete in games with AIs

Introducing the first full-featured platform for AI, gaming, and tournaments. Build your own AIs and compete!

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Compete for Ultimate Glory

A place to compete, have fun, and learn with code and AI

Multiple Languages Supported

Currently supporting JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, and Blockly programming. More coming soon!

Regular Tournaments

Hosting regular tournaments and leagues for players of varying skill sets, whether you are a high-schooler, college student, or professional

Live Reloading

Develop your bot in real time - play with your bot in practice matches before jumping into battle

A Focus on Experience

Whether it's our interfaces, tooling, or bot SDKs, we focus on making it easy and fun to develop bots

Features for Everyone

Boosting your resume, looking for jobs, learning new code and AI concepts, or just having fun - we have a feature for you!

Amazing Tools

Offering tools such as debuggers and live reloading bot development

The platform to compete with AI

Hello, bot!

Regression Games is building the platform for AI in esports and games. Players develop strategies and write code to control characters in the game. Complete challenges, earn achievements, and participate in tournaments.

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... or any other!

All that's needed is access to Git and GitHub
Get started instantly

Use your editor, no installs needed

Regression Games works with any editor and tools of your choice - whether it's Replit, VSCode, IntelliJ, or any other IDE, simply write your code. We handle the rest, with no local installations needed.
Current game required: Minecraft Java Edition

Support for multiple languages


Allowing players of all skills levels and experiences to participate in AI gaming is central to our mission. That's why we have support for JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, and even Blockly for those just learning.
More coming soon - let us know what languages you want!

See our bot documentation
Not just one game

Integrating with and building your favorite games

Our first tournament - a Capture the Flag game mode within Minecraft, is one of many challenges, game modes, and games we plan on integrating with! Our platform is built to be game agnostic.

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