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Regression Games Partner Program

Regression Games is developing the best QA automation platform for game studios. We are hyper focused on solving the unique issues of game studios when it comes to implementing automation, using a mix of existing and cutting-edge technologies to solve these problems.

Program Overview

The Regression Games Partner Program is designed to facilitate a successful implementation of our QA automation platform within your organization. Our team will work closely with you to provide tips, examples, and support as you use our tools, as well as receive feedback to improve our product.

As a member of the program, you’ll get access to certain benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Early access to new features and capabilities.
  • Access to our roadmap, which is largely driven by conversations with design partners.
  • A dedicated Slack channel for your team to communicate directly with our engineers.
  • Early-adopter pricing options.

We aim to embody the following values during our partnership:

  • Understanding of your needs - The development of our product is largely driven by partner feedback. We are always open to considering new features and types of automation based on your unique challenges.
  • Transparent and clear at all times - We strive to be transparent and clear when it comes to planning and updating your team regarding progress on our product. We aim to be open about the limitations and strengths of our platform and look to build trust at all points in the project.
  • Respectful of your time and goals - We understand that studios want to incorporate our tools to make their organization more efficient. This cannot be done effectively if the nature of our partnership introduces a lot of work on your end. We will aim to communicate and work in a way that is respectful to your automation efforts.


The following requirements should be met to partake in this program effectively; however, we are extremely open to discussing unique partnerships where these requirements do not apply - do not be afraid to reach out!

  • Your studio works with the Unity game engine.
  • Your team has the ability to designate a point of contact that can work with us to receive advice and provide feedback to our team.
  • Your studio has a need for automated testing!

Application Process and Contact Info

Our application process is simple; use the form below to provide your email, and our team will reach out. We will also use this time to learn more about your studio and challenges, and then follow up with a potential plan for partnering.

What Onboarding Looks Like

  1. Start a conversation with us to learn more about your use cases and challenges, as well as go over relevant features of the Regression Games platform.
  2. Decide on our terms of engagement (we have a set of standard contracts we can use here for quick turnaround).
  3. Our team is onboarded to your code, so that we can provide assistance and advice during integration.
  4. We work together to identify high priority tests to automate - those that may be difficult to manually test, time consuming, or costly for your studio.


What is the pricing model for Regression Games?

A license to Regression Games is currently a monthly subscription. The cost of this subscription is negotiated with each studio we work with, dependent on the types of automation and support needed. We are flexible and can work within your means.