Seamlessly run bots in Unity

Use the Regression Games agent platform to build bots for QA, multiplayer, game balancing, NPCs, and more. Integrate with just a few lines of code.

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The all-in-one AI agent framework you've been waiting for

A Plethora of Features

Regression Games is building the best platform for AI agent development with replay features, validation libraries, CI/CD integration, and more

Lightning-Fast Integration

Whether you are building an MMORPG or a 2D platformer, our Unity SDK follows a simple integration pattern to get you up and running quickly

Live Reloading

Develop your bots in real-time, leading to quicker iteration and turnaround time - no more waiting for builds!

Easy Configuration

Easily configure AI functionality, with custom config and connection options, as well as easy-to-use graphical interfaces

AI Agent Marketplace

Share and use bots created by the community using our standardized bot formats

Bot Versatility

Bots on Regression Games can click through menus, control spawned characters, play test with humans, validate behaviors, and more.


Well that was quick

Our bot platform plugs directly into your game logic with ease. With a single line that optionally applies during dev time and test builds, your bot can interpret the state and actions within your game.

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Regression Games provides a variety of bots far different genres and use cases to get you started! Need a puzzle bot for playing a match-3 game? A MOBA bot for validating abilities on a character? We have you covered!

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